Gravenstein Apples

Gravenstein Apples originated in the 17th century or earlier. In the United States, they are found mostly on the West Coast. Some have said that if the apple could be grown throughout the year, no other apple need by grown! The gravenstein variety at this old orchard has a tart flavor with juicy, finely grained, light yellow flesh and is an early season apple, picked ripe in August. Gravenstein Apples do not keep well, and are only available in season. These apples are most used as a cooking apples, especially for apple sauce and apple cider.


Red Delicious {not your grocery store variety}

The classic shape and classic sweetness make the Red Delicious the most well known apple variety in the United States (and the easiest to identify). The Red Delicious from this old orchard are bright to deep red color, with a CRISP {… not mushy} white flesh that offers a sweet flavor. Red Delicious Apples are ripe and ready at White Gables of Green Bluff early to late Fall. Best used in fresh preparations, as their skin does not hold up well when cooked. However, their flavor pairs well with cinnamon, cheddar cheese, horseradish, chard, cherries, mustard and pecans.